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Fiberglass Repair. By Don Casey. Few things are more disheartening to the boatowner than staring at the fuzzy edge of broken fiberglass. However, the repairability of fiberglass is one of its best characteristics.

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Fiberglass Core Replacement Part 1 from Boatworks Today. Part 1 of a series on how to replace and repair a section of rotten or de laminated coring material on your boat.

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Delamination is a common deck and hull construction problem which tends to get worse if left unattended. Eventually, the delamination can reach a point where the overall structural integrity of the hull and deck may be compromised.

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Delamination is when the layers of fiberglass begin to separate. The cause of delamination can be anything from old age to cheap materials. This is a common problem with fiberglass and can be fixed the majority of the time.

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Tiara 31 Deck Delamination and Though Hull Leakage We are downsizing from a larger convertible and have a Tiara 31 convertible under contract. The survey report noted, among about fifty smaller issues frozen through hull, inoperative GPS antennae at upper helm, five guages inoperable, etc , the concerns noted below.

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Other boats are needlessly used in a careless way and this causes hull problems. Never allow someone to load heavy objects on the cabin top or jump onto the deck from the dock. Not only is it dangerous, but it can lead to delamination in these areas which will grow with further vibration from normal use.

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Part 1 of a two part video on rotten balsa core replacement on a valiant 40, using a break through material that is bound to change how soft decks are repair

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DECK DELAMINATION. Tim Lackey, 381, Glissando. Unscientific as it may be, sounding the deck is the best way to determine what's going on inside. The flex underfoot coupled with the hollow sound you get is an absolute indication of the debonding.

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Given this, some portions of the liner or deck will have to come off, the rot removed, the inner surfaces of the liner and deck cleaned and heavily scuffed, then the new core bonded and the removed panels replaced and faired in smooth.

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I have a 14ft Jet sailboat with varnished plywood deck that has a little checking and delamination of the top veneer in spots. I want to do a quick fix to stabilize it and paint over it all with enamel.

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Part of the fun in my search for a boat was determining which of a vast roster of sailboat poxes and maladies should count as a plus on the scoresheet and which a minus. From hull blisters to fiberglass delamination, rot, soaked cores, decayed fasteners and decrepit systems, these boats had them all. But which

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The deck is so thick on our boat and the core is well down in it, my pin meter would never reach in to the core so the Electrophysics is the only option I have. Plus I don't like drilling holes into cored glass, if you didn't have water before, you might just be opening it up and ensuring you will have water.

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Delamination is not spelled d o o m Good Old Boat Magazine. Most delamination occurs on the decks or in the cabinhouse structure of a boat, although it is possible for delamination to occur in the hull itself, particularly if the

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This also occurs from leaving the boat deck up sitting on the ground for long periods, or on some type of improper support. I've also seen it occur from water saturation or external damage that allows delamination from the inside out.

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Just FYI, on this 1973 Laser the delamination is in small 3" diameter areas all over the deck. These cannot be noticed in daylight but only at night when the headlights of the car shine parallel to the surface of the deck.

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Re: Deck Delamination If you trust and are satisfied with the survey I would say go for it. I would suspect being in Ontario you have similar weather patterns to me in VT.

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Delamination is not spelled d o o m. Story and photos by Bill Sandifer. Article taken from Good Old Boat magazine: Volume 1, Number 3, November/December 1998. Deck delamination conjures up images of free falling straight through to the bilge but it need not frighten the most resourceful among us

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Re: Deck Delamination Welcome to iboats. I would have the boat properly checked and maybe surveyed since that delamination on a 2002 hull only on one side is due to a problem and maybe a bigger problem lurking below the deck.

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Deck fittings, like chain plates, generate concentrate loads which may cause delamination. Sail boats, due to their rigging, are relatively more influenced by this aspect. Fittings are, on same boats, glassed to the deck and they require an accurate inspection because a delamination can produce the chain plate shifting which can be noticed, on

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